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What does pr3287 mean?

pr3287 is the printer emulator program, implemented and updated by Paul Mattes: it can be downloaded from the following URL:
pr3287sx means pr3287 Scs eXtended support.

Some History

At the beginning of May 2004, we detected a "memory leak" error in the program: we submitted the patch to the software author, but we did not receive any reply. At the end of May 2004, we tried to contact the author on order to inform him of our idea for treating SCS sequences, but we did not receive any reply. In July 2004, we decided to publish our work as a "patch" to be applied to the original program, so as to make it available to the public.

Is this project a "fork"?

No, we would like this to be a transitory phase that would lead to the incorporation of the modifications inside the original project, or to evolve the original project to support our implementations for this patch.

What does the patch provide?

Currently, the patch adds the following improvements to the original program: It corrects a "memory leak" problem that occurrs whenever the program is executed with the "-reconnect" option and inhibits the TCP/IP session towards MVS, OS/390, and z/OS systems. It supports the SCS sequences that code the following setup for the printer:
  • 10 dot pitch
  • 12 dot pitch
  • 17 dot pitch
  • length (number of lines) of the module to be printed

How do I apply the patch?

Download the original software from and the patch from SourceForge, unzip the patch in the same directory as the pr3287 source code:

   gunzip pr3287sx-X.Y.Z-W.tar.gz

extract the patch from the archive:

   tar xvf pr3287sx-X.Y.Z-W.tar

execute the "" script:


Are there any binary versions of the modified program available?

Currently no, but if necessary, please contact Primeur for a build specifying the UNIX system ("uname -a" command to get the information).

Available resources: